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AD Driver is a full-service Golf Advertising Agency & Digital partner that delivers a bespoke golf audience to both Advertisers and publishers;

  • Reach a highly targeted ABC1 golf audience
  • Generate revenue by letting AD Driver represent you
  • Target 200k+ Golfers with one call
  • 1.8+ PAGE impressions a month
  • 5.2+ million AD impressions a month

Golf Advertising Agency…

Our exclusive group of golf publishers is one of the largest in Europe, comprised of leading golf websites. The exclusive nature of our relationship with our partners allow us to provide highly customised, site specific, and channel-wide advertising solutions for publishers and marketers alike.

Ian Mullins

Ian Mullins has operated in senior marketing and planning roles for over 25 years working with some of the UK’s brands. With over 18+ years spent working within the UK’s Top 5 media agencies including MediaCom, Carat and MEC.

He has launched and managed marketing campaigns for UK & Global brands including Emirates Airlines, Hitachi, Express Newspapers and many more. He has been responsible
for spending over £100m on behalf of clients.

Ian’s ability to quickly understand a brief and the needs of consumers enables him to operate in a fast paced environment and deliver high levels of ROI.

Founder of TheSocialGolfer.com Ian has grown also put his money where his mouth is and built a unique, profitable platform on which golfers of all levels engage and interact.

Lyndon Samuel

Lyndon Samuel joined AD Driver in August 2016 as our Campaign Manager, having worked across a number of industries developing both sales leads and managing sales teams.

His day to day role includes project managing advertising activity across the AD Driver network, working with both the Media Planners and Operations Team to produce cost-effective banner & Social Media campaigns.

He began life in travel working for companies such as DialAFlight making bespoke travel packages for customers.

He spent 7 years working at Dun & Bradstreet as a Relationship Acquisition Manager, whereby he developed Leads and Client presentations. Here he was also responsible for handling sensitive customer data and analytics.

Lyndon is keen to help AD Driver customers develop effective and impactful marketing campaigns for the golf industry.

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